Stacker welcomes Micah Cohen as Editor-in-Chief

Stacker welcomes Micah Cohen as Editor-in-Chief

Over the past 12 months, Stacker has experienced significant growth which has allowed us to re-invest and further support our mission of empowering the world's publishers and supporting sustainable models for journalism.

Today, we are thrilled to welcome Micah Cohen to the newly created role of Editor-in-Chief at Stacker, where he will oversee Stacker’s growing newsroom, leading content strategy and managing our team of 25+ data reporters, writers, and editors. Micah brings incredible experience in building world class data journalism teams, and will help take Stacker’s storytelling to the next level as our newsroom more than doubles in size this year.

Micah joins Stacker from FiveThirtyEight, where he oversaw editorial strategy and execution as Managing Editor. From early in his career as a Staff Editor at the New York Times to his nine years building FiveThirtyEight, Micah has formed extensive experience building world-class data journalism operations.

From my first conversation with Micah, it was clear he shares Stacker's values, mission and vision at the deepest levels. He's spent his career pushing data journalism forward, and I am both honored and excited to have him guide Stacker's newsroom into the future, as we double down on our commitment to empower publishers and make great data journalism more accessible.

From Micah... “Put simply: I’m thrilled! To have the chance to help a growing newsroom like Stacker tell ever more impactful stories is a privilege, and an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. The world is awash in data—good data and bad data, fun data and vital data, biased data and revelatory data. And the media is still playing catch up as to what can and should be done with all that information. But the work Stacker has already done puts it in a unique position to push the industry forward—to bring data journalism that's relevant, illuminating and empowering to news producers and consumers who are desperate for rigorous, reliable stories.”

On behalf of the entire Stacker team, I offer a warm welcome to Micah.

And to all of our publishing partners who trust Stacker every day to complement their own coverage: we will continue to invest in making the Stacker Newswire a source of world-class coverage, and an invaluable resource for you and your teams. Here's to building a sustainable future.