Stacker Newswire expands with new CMS partnership and Story Hub search enhancements

Stacker Newswire expands with new CMS partnership and Story Hub search enhancements
Photo by Chris Barbalis / Unsplash

Stacker is thrilled to share two new updates that expand our reach with a new CMS integration and enhance the publishing partner search experience in Story Hub. 

Lions Light Software Solutions has teamed with Stacker to bring its newswire service to their ROAR content management system. With this partnership, Stacker expands its newswire reach to over a half dozen leading content management systems, including Blox, Creative Circle, and Frankly. 

The collaboration allows Lions Light customers to import Stacker stories into ROAR with just a few clicks. These stories can be republished for publishers in online and print editions—and the offering is entirely free!

How to use Stacker in Lions Light 

  • Click the “Stories” tab at the top of the dashboard
  • On the right side, click “View Free Stories”
  • Select your desired vertical or location, choose the number of stories you want to select from in the drop-down menus, and then press “Load Stacker Stories”
  • Click the checkbox on the left of the stories you want to upload, then click “Import Checked Stories” to populate into your ROAR CMS.

For a more in-depth look into publishing, check out the below tutorial for a quick run-through of how to publish Stacker stories.

Interested in learning more about Lions Light ROAR CMS? Contact them here.

Enhanced searchability in Story Hub

Also released this month, Stacker unveiled an update to its search algorithm in Story Hub that provides users with an improved search experience that enhances story discoverability. Results from a keyword search will now uncover even more relevant stories. 

For instance, publishing partners searching for a specific city or state in the search bar will now see national stories in the results referencing the location.

Additionally, specific Connect partners can be searched in Story Hub by name. 

To find stories from one of Stacker’s latest Connect partners, search “Lyft” in Story Hub; this will now surface their data-driven content currently available on the Stacker newswire.

Stacker is excited about the potential of these updates and eager to see their impact on publishing efforts with current and new partners alike. These updates reflect our ongoing dedication to empowering publishers to reach new heights of success with Stacker.

Here’s to a successful year of growth, collaboration, and innovation!

If you’re a publisher or a content management system looking to learn more about integrating with Stacker, reach out at