Stacker welcomes more than a dozen local, independent newsrooms to the Stacker Publishing Network

Stacker welcomes more than a dozen local, independent newsrooms to the Stacker Publishing Network
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We are thrilled to announce the addition of more than a dozen new local, independent publishing partners to the Stacker Publishing Network, including: Philomath News, The Southern Maryland Chronicle, The Lansing Journal, CT News Junkie, BK Reader, Planet Detroit, Gettysburg Connection, The 016, La Esquina TX, and Grice Connect. The range of sites shown here represents how Stacker’s local product can provide value to publishers all across the United States. These sites are all part of LION Publishers.

"Stacker and their team have been a big help to us since we started working with them. They produce relevant, well-reported - and well edited - content that keeps people interested and returning to our website. And in our business, we need all the content that we can produce or package, so this already works for our site and plenty of other LION members as well"
- Doug Hardy, CT News Junkie

Stacker empowers all publishers, from local, independent, and online outlets as shown above all the way to national publications.

"I’m very picky about outside content that I allow on my hyperlocal news site but I'm comfortable with Stacker’s data-driven journalism with stories that clearly outline sources and are presented in a format that works well on mobile."
-Bradley Fuqua, The Philomath News

On behalf of the Stacker team, we would like to extend a big thank you to LION Publishers for helping get the word out about Stacker and all of the initiatives we are undertaking.

If you’re interested in becoming a part of the Stacker Publishing Network, contact us at

As Stacker partners, publishers can take advantage of:

  • Data and research-driven evergreen stories that can extend the lifestyle of the biggest news stories and drive traffic from off-platform
  • Licensing rights to all visuals
  • Delivery via RSS, web portal, email, or Slack
  • Early access to new and experimental story formats
  • Quarterly trend reports reflecting on the best-performing stories across the network