Stacker sets its sights on additional content collaborations in 2023

Canva [Data source: Adams Publishing Group. By Emma Rubin]
Canva [Data source: Adams Publishing Group. By Emma Rubin]

At Stacker, we are continually developing new models for our data-driven newswire to produce, distribute, and fund quality storytelling. To that end, in January we published our first-ever collaborative data project, setting the stage for more collaborations to come.

We worked in partnership with Adams Publishing Group to explore the effects of inflation on everyday consumers at the grocery store. Reporters at APG spent months creating a unique database of specific grocery items in nearly a dozen communities around the country, regularly logging price updates to reflect how grocery bills were changing for American shoppers. APG reporters also conducted interviews to determine how those adjustments have impacted the bottom line for families across the U.S. in the last year.

Our newsroom worked with APG reporters to complement their original data work and reporting. Stacker’s senior data reporter Emma Rubin consolidated APG’s data and created visualizations illustrating how inflation impacted each of these communities. Rubin also analyzed the Consumer Price Index from the Bureau of Labor Statistics for broader trends across the U.S.

After putting the pieces together, Stacker distributed the finished product across our network of publications to maximize reach. The resulting story—“Inflation has moderated some, but grocery shoppers still face high prices”—was picked up by more than 400 publishers of various sizes and coverage regions.

Stacker’s newsroom will continue this momentum with three additional content collaborations in 2023.

We're most interested in projects where we can supplement coverage local newsrooms already have in motion and help them gain more visibility through distribution on the Stacker Newswire. Some examples include creating data visualizations or offering analysis to support ongoing reporting, supplementing the research a newsroom is already doing, or helping to contextualize the news at a national level. If you are interested in exploring a potential content collaboration with Stacker, please fill out this form.