Stacker launches new search features in Story Hub

Stacker launches new search features in Story Hub
Photo by Niklas Ohlrogge / Unsplash

Stacker’s publishing partners can expect an exciting addition to their search experience next time they log into Story Hub.

In the latest release to the platform, we have launched an update that refines search results for publishers to view stories according to Stacker's own story analytics platform!

Stacker thrives off the support from our publishing partners. Building off the feedback of the need for additional search preferences, our newest addition offers the ability to sort stories by Newest, Most Popular, and Hidden Gems.


What do these filters do?

  • Newest filter provides Story Hub users with a filter to sort by the most recent Stacker stories available to publishing partners.
  • Most Popular displays stories that have been syndicated the most by our distribution network.
  • Hidden Gems filter will sort stories by those with the highest reader page views but syndicated the fewest times. In other words, it’s a story that performed well but was probably overlooked.

Most Popular and Hidden Gems pull from aggregated data across our network based on our pixel. While the privacy of each publisher is paramount and fully protected, we’re excited to offer these filters that uncover the performance results from Stacker stories. The more publishers who have successfully implemented the tracking pixel into their workflow, the wider the results are in the output of each filter. You can read more about the analytics platform that powers these filters in a previous blog post.

What about RSS Feeds?

For publishing partners who have integrated RSS feeds, these filters can be accessed as well  by simply adding  feed parameters to the  URL.

What’s Next?

Searchability is a key priority for Story Hub. In the coming months, we expect to release additional features that will improve search and target stories to the specific needs and publishing patterns of each publishing partner.  

If you’re interested in becoming a part of the Stacker Publishing Network or receiving a demo of Story Hub, contact us at