Introducing the 'Republish This Story' button

Introducing the 'Republish This Story' button

A new tool makes it easier than ever to republish Stacker Stories

We’re excited to officially announce the launch of a new feature that makes it easier than ever for reporters and editors to syndicate or repurpose any of Stacker’s data-driven news articles and reported features with their own audiences. Starting today, every story published on Stacker’s website has a “Republish This Story” button adjacent to its byline, which generates both an HTML and plain text version of the article, all available for syndication. Each Stacker story is published under a Creative Commons license, making it easier than ever for any member of an editorial team to re-share a Stacker story with just a few clicks of a button.

A new Republish This Story button can now be found on many Stacker stories

When we launched Stacker, we did so with a singular mission: to make high-quality data journalism accessible to all. Whether publishers are using Stacker stories to supplement their existing data storytelling or fill content gaps, we’re constantly thinking about how to make the process even easier by solving for the pain points news operations feel the most.

The “Republish This Story” feature is one way we aim to make it easier for any journalist to publish content on their own schedule. Using the button, any team member can easily syndicate a story on demand at the tap of a button. There’s no need for a formal distribution partnership with Stacker, no need to get in touch with business-side folks to publish a single story, and no downtime between click and publish.

Since Stacker’s stories are now published under Creative Commons license, we encourage publishers to put the story into their own voice via copy edits, amend titles to their editorial standards, and extract specific sections that hold the most relevance for their readers. While we provide the verbatim language for a story (and think we’re pretty great at the reporting and writing, too), we’ve seen many publishers pick up our content and distribute it in their preferred editorial voice -- like the Atlanta Journal-Constitution did here.

Editors can now easily grab and share Stacker stories under the Creative Commons

We believe the benefits of the Republish This Story button are multi-fold. While we’ll continue to offer our expanded enterprise partnerships with publishers - including publishing calendars and licensing rights for visuals - we’re thrilled about how many more journalists - from beat reporters to audience editors to independent creators - will have quick access to try publishing Stacker stories. And because it’s easier than ever to pick up a Stacker story and immediately republish it, editors and journalists retain even more control over their editorial schedule when using syndicated content.

If you haven’t shared a Stacker story yet, we encourage you to visit our website and test out how simple the process is for yourself. You can also sign up for our daily emails here where we’ll notify you when we publish a new story in your state or metro. And if you’re interested in learning about our enterprise partnerships with news publications - or to share some pain points you’re currently experiencing with data journalism - drop me a line directly at I'd love to tell you more about what we’re building here.